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Narrator™ is a Robo analytics tool from G-Square Solutions, which provides smart Business Intelligence (BI) outputs, visualization, Dashboarding and narrates natural language insights in natural language to provide actionable business insights. The user gets a BI tool plus actionable & prescriptive insights to take necessary action to grow business through sales campaigns or management intervention.

Use Cases
  • Industries: BI solution for any industry be it Banking & other financial Services, Retail , FMCG, Telecom etc.
  • Size of the Business: BI Solution for any large or medium size organisation or small business.
  • End to end Data solution: Narrator provides its own database, ETLs, BI outputs and thus enables a complete solution from data sourcing, connectors to a BI solution
  • Prescriptive analytics: Provides prescriptive analytics through insights generated from data.
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The solution is a combination of smart visualization, dashboards, customized reports, narration of insights and an interactive bot in one single tool.

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The tool can analyze volumes of data on a real time basis for immediate analysis and outputs.

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The tool gives actionable insights in natural language along with data and graphs for the user to get a pulse of the business.

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Narrator saves a lot of precious time and resources for an organization as it provides automated analytics solutions on the go.

Narrator consists of 3 modules


Retail Bank - Core Banking & Credit Cards


    Client: A Retail Bank with large Customer base and large transactional volume

    Problem:Tons of structured Core Banking & credit cards data needs to be joined, analysed and presented in a formal reporting platform.

Applying Narrator

    The bank had data flowing in from various sources – Core banking, Payment and credit cards areas

    The approach involved joining various data sources through common data fields

    An automated process was set up in the tool for integrating & processing the data

Outcome & Solution

    Smart reporting , visualization, top statistical insights and a Chatbot for asking questions on the data is enabled for all the products and geographies through Narrator

    The bank senior management is not only able to understand business tracking but also enables next action points wrt products, branches etc


Fintech Company - Payment space


    Client: Banks with interest in Payment space and having large transactional volumes

    Problem: Large payments transaction data needs to be interpreted & presented on the Payments platform

Applying Narrator

    Payments transaction database is integrated with Narrator through ETLs

    Each business factor needed to be analysed independently like Merchant & product category, Device & Browser level, Mode of payment, transaction status etc to keep a tab on the business volume & velocity of the data for the company and its merchants

Outcome & Solution

    Smart reporting, visualization & insights were enabled for all the SKUs, merchants & products categories, geographies and people through Narrator

    The business was able to create digital strategies for campaigning on SKUs & product categories and drive merchant led campaigns.


Reporting & Data Patterns for a Wealth Management Company


    Client: A very large Wealth Management company with a large external sales force

    Problem: Large investments transactions and customer investment reporting and patterns needed to be analysed on the go

Applying Narrator

    The approach involved setting up Data marts, creating an ETL tool kit and integrating it with our tool

    Speed and Performance was quite important since the data size was quite big

    Dimensions like Sales channel, Asset Type, Scheme type, Customer category, Scheme, Zone, Branch etc & KPIS like Net sales, AuM, SIPs etc were set up

Outcome & Solution

    Reporting of Investments transaction data for mutual funds and other investments products is being analyzed through Narrator

    Smart visualization, top statistical insights and customised reports for the HO and salesforce level is available through Narrator


Providing a BI solution to an Asset Management Company


    Client: A domestic subsidiary of a very global Asset Management company

    Problem:Requirement of Reporting, MIS and automation of various manual processes

Applying Narrator

    The approach involved automation of manual processes and data integration through ETLs

    Reporting set up & configuration done at various levels – Central, Zonal, Cluster & Branch.

Outcome & Solution

    Manual processing is now substituted by ETLs which are connected it to Narrator.

    Reporting and MIS outcome is now done through our Narrator tool

    The client also got easy to understand and actionable insights through the tool and with much faster speed & performance


Competition BI analysis for a large Asset Management Company


    Client:A very large Asset Management Company

    Problem:Competitive Industry analysis & Insights through scrapping and analysis of Industry data

Applying Narrator

    The approach involved scrapping & automation of Industry reports & data through ETLs and housing it in our tool

    It also involved configuring of reports and setting it up in reporting and insighting & narration templates as required by top management

Outcome & Solution

    Automated reports which comprises of Competition analysis and insights in natural language on the data were set up

    Scheduled emails with the set reports is now delivered to the Top Management and Product teams


Prescriptive analytics for a large Insurance Company

Client & Case-Study

    Client:A very large Insurance Company

    Problem:The Company was looking to build an automated reporting and prescriptive analytics solution

Applying Narrator

    The approach involves sourcing data from the core system and creating hierarchy-based reporting system

    A machine learning based logic is being set up to set up prescriptive analytics-based analysis of data to identify gaps and suggested action to be taken

    Setting up NLP based natural language templates for prescriptive action

Outcome & Solution

    Entire automation of reporting work replacing the manual reporting being done as of now at all levels

    A one-page prescriptive analytics report is being sent to senior sales team members to achieve business targets based on the gap analysis & prescriptive analytics

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G-Square Solutions provides Products & services in the data analytics, machine learning and business intelligence solutions space for the financial services and other Industries. We have rich experience of working in the sales and marketing analytics areas with Banks, Wealth Management companies, Asset Management & Insurance cos, Fintechs, Retail sector in India, Middle East Asia and European markets.

G-Square Solutions was awarded as the Emerging analytics services startup of the year award at Analytics India Summit in Sept 2016 and also recognised as the top ten Artificial Intelligence companies by Silicon India's Startupcity magazine. G-Square was also awarded as the Best Boutique Analytics Company of the year at Analytics India Summit in Sept 2017.

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