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Visual representation of data helps in business users come up with insights from the data easily. Visual analytics goes beyond dashboarding or simple visualization. A good visual analytics tool not only gives clean visualization of data but also helps the user understand the data better through narrations, power of modifying visuals and highlights.
Narrator is a solution that makes visual analytics easily implementable in an organization of any size.

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Narrator is a Robo-analytics tool, which highlights the topmost actionable business insights in smart visualizations, dashboard and narrates them in natural language (English).

The business users or analytics teams get the pulse of the business on a real-time basis using the tool. Through actionable & prescriptive insights, necessary action can be taken to grow the business through digital campaigns or management intervention.

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Narrator throws smart visualization and dashboards of the business performance based on the given data and & the important factors driving the business

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The tool analyses various business factors individually in conjunction with other factors and over a period of time

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Insights from narrator can lead to identification of gaps, opportunities, strategies, and specific action points thus leading to business growth

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The solution is a combination of smart visualization, dashboards, customised reports, narration of insights and an interactive bot in one single tool.

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The tool can analyse volumes of data on a real time basis for immediate analysis and outputs

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The tool gives actionable insights in natural language along with data and graphs for the user to get a pulse of the business.

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Narrator saves a lot of precious time and resources for an organisation as it provides automated analytics solutions on the go

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